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Image by Markus Spiske

About us

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Our philosophy is to let our work speak for us. Our secret is that we have great dedication in our work and the complete image of your garden is our reward.

About Garden Deco

Garden Deco makes your life greener and more beautiful. Our team deals with projects of different sizes, from home gardens and residential complexes, to corporate business parks and hotels. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will transform your idea into reality (visit our gallery for our projects).
Cutting-edge Landscape Design Technology
Before we even start working on your garden, you can see how it will actually looks like and provide feedback for revisions. Garden Deco, utilizes sophisticated software for designing your garden, which gives to our clients the opportunity to see your garden on screen in 3D mode, ‘walk ‘ through it and see how it will look like during the day and during the night (with the spotlights switched on!)

Weekend Market


Combining vision, technology and innovation, our company transforms your garden into state of the art. As an established company, Garden Deco focuses on attention to detail, with passion for quality and commitment to creating inspiring solutions. 

Continuing our progress, we follow global standards, according to the safety and health regulations within the EU community, based on our love and protection for the green environment.

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